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The mission of Fermenters Club is to improve people’s lives by teaching them why and how to make and enjoy fermented foods; and to create communities that are connected through their guts.

Who We Are: Fermenters Club is a community of food enthusiasts who share a love for traditionally-preserved, natural probiotic foods.  Fermenters can participate locally and virtually:

  • Locally: Fermenters Club holds workshops, local chapter meetings, and festivals to teach people how to ferment their own food.
  • Virtually: Fermenters Club offers a way for enthusiasts around the world to connect and find each other, learn and share recipes, find local events, ask questions and share success stories! Sign up or browse anonymously to find recipes, photos, stories, tips and more.

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About Austin


Austin Durant has been playing with his food his whole life, and fermenting it for over six years. In 2011, he studied at Sandor Katz’ five-day Fermentation Residency Program in middle Tennessee, where he learned hands-on how to make over a dozen fermented foods. That same year, he founded Fermenters Club in his home town of San Diego to create a way for fermented food enthusiasts to make and share food. He has taught over 30 fermented food workshops in southern California, and across the United States and even in Mexico. In 2015, he produced the first-ever day-long fermentation festivals in two major metropolitan areas– San Diego and Portland (Oregon). He then took a leap and left his day job at a software company in order to pursue fermentation education full-time.

Durant has been featured in Sunset Magazine, KPBS News, Savor San Diego (KPBS series), the San Diego Union-Tribune, Edible San Diego, Korduroy.tv and many other local publications and blogs.